Melatonin Produces Glutathione Naturally!

Natural sources of melatonin help your body to produce it's own glutathione.  Taking a natural type of melatonin, your body doesn't have to turn it into anything to work.  It was recommended & sold by my new lyme doctor, but I found it a bit cheaper at, so I purchased it there instead.  

He instructed me to start with 2 drops under my tongue at night & work my way up to 10 drops per night.  This isn't just to help with sleep, but the higher dose from this type of melatonin with increase my bodies won glutathione, which in turn, helps my body to detoxify. 

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This is the link to the product.   I should get it tomorrow since I get usually get my stuff from there next day & only paid $2 shipping. 

In addition to producing glutathione melatonin also :

  • Neurohormone produced by the pineal gland (in the brain)
  • Helps regulate sleep-wake cycles
  • A favorite of travelers
  • A potent antioxidant
  • The amount produced by our bodies may lessen as we grow older website says: 
'Increase your melatonin intake. Melatonin raises glutathione levels in the tissues of your muscles, brain and liver. Eat tart cherries, which contain significant amounts of melatonin.'
Here is more info on what glutathione does for us and how it helps us to detoxify our bodies.

And a study done on Melatonin to Glutathione production: 

This brand is not the same as the brand recommended, it is synthetic, so I would assume you will not get the same results I have, but he did say liquid is best if you are going to take any form.  The bottle here & price is for a 2 pack.  

Sleep & detox well everyone!