Candida, YAY!

Systemic Candida, yeast infections, jock itch, athlete's foot, sinus infections, ear infections.  YEAST!  Candida can wreak a lot of havoc in our bodies. It can create a lot of the same symptoms as Lyme Disease.  You can have systemic Candida and not know it by outward appearances, no obvious physical symptoms if you know what I mean (yeast infection).

Try  the GOOT recipe I have listed here @ Lyme Store for topical applications of yeast infections (ears, feet, vaginally, on your chest for colds, etc).  It works!  But attack Candida from all angles.  Be careful when cleansing yourself of Candida from your body as you can herx from the die off just like you an from lyme die off.  So start slow.  

Yeast Killers


You can take a simple saliva test for Candida.  But a good blood test & other tests by your LLMD or ND are probably in order.  Here is the saliva test.

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